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The deeds relating to the draft agreement for the free initiative agreement, relating to areas in the street Fachetto on proposal of the companies Abet Laminati Spa and Minini Guido & C snc and Mr. Ruffinengo Matteo are in public view in Bra.

The former caretaker's accommodation on the first floor of the railway station, long unused, could soon be assigned on a free loan to the Municipality of Bra. The Piedmontese Regional Production Directorate of RFI - Italian Railway Network, in fact expressed a favorable opinion on the request for availability made by the municipal administration. While awaiting the definitive go-ahead by the national RFI office, the destination of the space is being evaluated, which will in any case be aimed at carrying out socially useful activities and local associations, also with the aim of expanding the work of enhancement of the area, helping to increase decorum and livability. (Em)

It will be a Sunday full of events in Bra that of 2 June 2019 which coincides with the Republic Day. Two musical events are scheduled: at the 17 the musical band "Giuseppe Verdi" conducted by Enea Tonetti performs in concert in Via Cavour with known pieces from his repertoire, while in the evening, at 21, in Piazza Caduti per la Libertà there is the usual appointment with the FFM Best Of concert of the Gandino Music Institute.

One hundred officials from the Piedmont and Liguria tax offices were present at Bra yesterday, Thursday 23 May 2019, at the training day promoted by the Autel (national association of local authority tax offices) and by the Ifel foundation (local authority finance institute) of the Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities), in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra, in the field of databases and assessment of local taxes. Speaker Christian Amadeo, official responsible for the tax sector of the Municipality of Settimo Torinese and expert on local taxation. During the meeting the steps that have outlined the framework of local taxation over the last few years have been retraced, focusing attention on the acts and procedural steps necessary to perfect the assessment phase.

In short Bra will have two inclusive playgrounds, for the enjoyment of all children, without exception. This week was inaugurated the area created within the “Azzurri d'Italia” park in Viale Madonna Fiori by the social cooperative Lunetica onlus, by the association and by the neighborhood committee Madonna Fiori, with the technical collaboration of the Municipality of Bra. An area that the promoters have donated to the City, set up with games that can be used by a wide range of users with different abilities, without particular adaptations or "barriers" that block access to activities for disabled children, with anti trauma flooring , benches and an area of ​​environmental awareness.