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Learn music? It's a kid's play. So they must have thought about Bra's Acillo's Nest who, throughout the current school year, have proposed and will propose appointments related to the initiative "Music Activity at the Nesting Nest", the educational sound perception project that has affected first the educators of the Nursery braidese and then its very small users. Thanks to the activities of Simona Albri, who has proposed a guidance course according to Edwin E. Gordon's "Music Learning" method, activity with the youngest has developed with groups of children between four and thirty-six months, who were able to listen to the adults singing in moments interrupted by spaces of silence. The teacher then proposed simple games, such as walking on colored carpets or throwing foulard air, always accompanied by rhythmic movements and short melodies.

There will be discussion of the 2007 Budgeting Council of the Municipal Administration of Bra, during the City Council convened by its chairman, Gian Massimo Vuerich, on Tuesday 27 March 2007, at 15 30, in the halls of the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural multifunctional center of wide resistance. On the agenda all the resolutions that characterize the municipal financial maneuver for the current year, in addition to the establishment of new cemetery fees. The students of the fifth grade B and C students of Bra's "Edoardo Mosca" elementary school have also been present for a long time in a civic education project to get to know the institutions better.

This morning, Tuesday 20 March 2007 was identified, in the Municipality of Bra the solution to the problem of collecting rainwater from the Bandito hamlet. During a meeting promoted by the councilors for public works, Gianfranco Dallorto, and Finance, Claudio Lacertosa, and to which were present the city councilor Sergio Panero, the president of the fraction committee Daniele Chiavazza and the technician of the division of public works Claudio Ramello, the surveyor Guglielmo Bruno presented the hypothesized solution, for works that will be carried out to the detriment of urbanization charges due to the Municipality for some building interventions in the hamlet.

The concert season of the civic "Adolfo Gandino" Institute of Bra continues with an absolutely unmissable appointment. Thursday 29 March 2007, the quintet composed of Professors Olga Smeriglio, Fabio Gorlier, Stefano Italiano, Marco Castellano and Edoardo Bellotti will perform from 21 at the Auditorium of Bra Saving Money in Via Principe di Piemonte, with "Freedom, jazz, dance ... yeah! ", standard jazz performance and musical tracks.

New pavements and demolition of two-way architectural barriers in the city center of Bra. The City Council of the City of Zizzola has approved the preliminary draft of the project, prepared by the geometry Ettore Cavana of the Municipal Public Works Department. It is seventy meters from the first section of via Barbacana, in correspondence with the entrance of the communal offices, where the current pavement will be completely removed, replacing it with new stone of Luserna and also providing a different street furniture.