Civic Crowdfunding

Our offices are organized on the basis of functional breakdowns between the services.

Within the pages dedicated to individual services, there are information on individual managed procedures, including time schedules, managers, and timing of the procedure, in addition to the forms and costs involved. In the case of inertia on the conclusion of the proceedings, it is possible to use the substitute power.



Staff (Staff and organization, Contracts, Print and Urp, Unique customer base)

Administrative (Registry office, Electoral, Messi, Protocol and archive, General secretary)

Social and school (Personal services, School Services, Social Assistance ServicesNursery, Work, Young)

Services (Garbage collectiontrasporti, Civil protection)    

Financial (Accounting and Accounting, Economized and purchasingTributesReleases and advertising, Heritage,)

Urban planning and layout of the territory (Urban planning and regulatory plan, Private construction, Productive activities, GeoportalEnvironment and hygiene, animals)

Public Works (Public Works, Cemetery, Water and district heating, Gas)

Police (viabilities, Municipal police, Trade, Agriculture and Markets)

Culture (Tourism and Culture, Music and Theater, Sport, Library, MuseumsMusic Institute "Adolfo Gandino")


Services of other administrations hosted in municipal premises: Revenue Agency, INPS, Arpa Piedmont, Forest information point


Contacts: switchboard (+ 39) 0172.438211 - fax (+ 39) 0172.44333 - certified