The City of Bra is a founding member of the Brain - Bra internet association, established in the 2009 by the Municipality,Ascom Bra and from natural mall "La Zizzola", to which the Municipalities of CherascoDogliani e Benevagienna.

The main purpose of the association is to manage the public connectivity system in wifi mode on public areas of Bra. There are already many areas covered by the service, to which they will add more.

The service is completely free, and in the areas covered by the service, you can surf the web, consult your e-mail, call the Internet. There are limitations for peer-to-peer activities.

To access the service you can register directly online using the Brain wireless network in the areas covered by the service and you will need an Italian telephone number to receive sms.


External link: The Brain site. 

Download this file (instructions_registration.doc)istruzioni_registrazione.doc[Instructions for subscribing to the service.]0 kB