At Bra, schools of every order and grade will be closed on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February 2012. By ending the adverse weather conditions and in anticipation of the arrival of a sharp drop in temperatures that increase the risk of further discomfort, the town administration of the town of Zizzola has issued an order to block the teaching activity while maintaining open services nursery and nursery in the city. On the same days suspended parking restrictions in blue zones and time zone areas.
As stated in the ordinance signed by Vice Mayor Marcello Lusso, "while the unfortunate situation of the city's concentric seems to be still contained in acceptable measures, that of neighboring areas, as well as transport within the district In the next two days, Mr Braidese assumes serious difficulties and disagreements that could compromise the achievement of the fullest of the school plesses, especially by pupils not living in the city. " In addition, under the ordinance there is also the need to "keep as much as possible the vehicle traffic of the citizen, thus allowing a greater chance of stopping in areas where it is currently limited by disk area and paid area", as " gelic phenomena and temperature fluctuations in these days could favor the slip and / or the detachment of snow or ice masses from the cornices of public and private buildings overlooking the streets and public sidewalks. " (Rg)
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