Civic Crowdfunding

An excellent answer in terms of presence, interest, curiosity and fundraising. Once the sums have been received, the organizers of the events of "Voluntarily" and of the "Merenda della solidità" have been satisfied with the initiatives of the "Bra Solidale" which, for a whole weekend, involved the city of Zizzola. This starting from the musical that brought in Piazza Caduti for the freedom over four hundred people to attend the representation of "Three Fathers for a Bride", staged by the Little Theater of Bra.
The voluntary solidarity volunteer group.The proceeds of the show went to increase the funds raised by the district and fraction committees that gave birth in Piazza Giolitti to the third solidarity snack, the initiative that will enable work grants to be activated over the next few months. Once again the participation and attention of the braidesi has been such to decree the success of the initiative, that has made to put the legs under the table to over a thousand braidesi.
On the same day, in the streets of the historical center (via Cavour, via Pollenzo and via Audisio), about twenty voluntary associations of citizens animated the Sunday of "Voluntarily", bringing promotional material to the streets and making known the rich offer of the third sector citizen. Satisfied the participants, who had the opportunity to meet many braidesi curious to learn more about the different activities carried out, giving way to learn how important is the active presence of volunteers within the community, encouraging contact with new and possible concerned.
"It was a large part of the Bra in the square that rolls up the sleeves" - said Mayor Bruna Sibille, thanking the valuable work that many have participated in the various events of the day. The first town then went on to say: "Once again the work done by the inter-city coordination and by the district and fraction committees has witnessed a commitment and assumption of responsibilities that will allow, with the funds raised, to activate concrete initiatives in the working field" . (Rg)