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"An innovative initiative that, thanks to synergic work and the active involvement of many territorial partners, will be able to accompany thousands of children - and not only - in the conscious and creative use of new technologies by developing skills and knowledge": so the Mayor Bra Bruna Sibille and Gianni Fogliato's Personal Services Advisor yesterday, Thursday 30 November 2017, the "Display Project", contrasted with the dependence on new technologies, with particular reference to children and adolescents.

The project, funded by the CRC Foundation in the framework of the "Prevention and health promotion" call, sees the Municipality of Bra as a leading body, operating in collaboration with numerous organizations and local bodies, including the Municipality of Alba, the Local Health Authority Cn2, Alba, Langhe and Roero, ASL TO3 and TO2, the social cooperatives RO & RO Canale, Le Rocche Alba, Lunetica Bra, the "Don Roberto Verri" Association of Cortemilia, the Comprehensive Institutes and the Brain Educational Directions , Alba, Bossolasco, Canale, Cherasco, Cortemilia, Diano d'Alba, Govone, La Morra, Montà, Neive, Santo Stefano Belbo, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco and Sommariva Perno.

Among the actions envisaged by the project - aimed at all the citizens of the territory of ASL CN2 aged between 9 and 13 years and adults who share a path of growth with them - there is the activation of the Display Visits Center, a physical place created at the Steadycam center in Alba, where the children will be involved in an interactive pedagogical course of media education, through immersive exhibition programs, workshop activities on virtual reality, 3D press and media production. The workshops will start shortly and, for the current school year, it is expected to reach over one thousand students. Also in the context of "Display", training courses will take place for teachers and operators that will allow to deepen the role played by digital media in the context of life to start interventions aimed at preventing abuse, distorted uses (cyberbullying, sexting ...) and damage (behavioral disturbances, social isolation ...), participatory evenings for parents and adults, interventions on the territory, research activities and laboratories on critical and informed use of the media in the comprehensive schools of the Alta Langa.

"We are facing an epochal change - explained the head of the Service of pathological addiction SERT dell'Asl Cn2 Giuseppe Sacchetto -, which brings with it new opportunities but that may also contain some potential pitfalls. 'Display' wants to accompany this transition, touching educational and pedagogical issues but also related to health and risks ". Present at the presentation of the project "Display" in the council hall of the Municipality of Bra also the Councilor for Youth Policies of Alba Anna Chiara Cavallotto, who recalled "the importance of training, information and prevention to combat any type of addiction "And the vice president of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, Giuliano Viglione, who underlined" the value of the project, both for the chosen theme and for the target identified and focused on the young generations, our future ". (Em)

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