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"The Guarantee, in a Timely Rationale, of Activating Real Time Surveillance in a Bra and Alba Controller": This is what the Bra Sara Cravero and Alba Massimo Scavino Environmental Assessors in Regione Piemonte and Arpa are asking jointly data on the more specific and representative air quality of the territory.

From late October Alba and Bra have adopted the provisions of the "New program agreement for the coordinated and joint adoption of measures to improve air quality in the Padano basin", which provides for the activation of anti-pollution measures to overcome alert levels defined by the Piedmont Region and based on the measurements of a control unit defined as a "territorial reference", ie that of Asti. This control unit has recently given some problems, so the latest measurements of Pm10 level in the air come from the Alexandria control unit, which, in turn, stopped working in the days between the 17 and the 21 November.

"We do not know if the data that represented the reference for the municipalities of Alba and Bra in those days were extrapolated from the reserve station of Alessandria, but certainly not from Alba or Bra - explain in the letter to the Region and Arpa the directors of Bra and Alba - In addition, from the 1 September to the 12 November 2017 the Alexandria ECU has exceeded the limit of 50 micrograms / m3 seven days longer than the Alba ECU and six days longer than the Bra ECU, with a daily average of 44,97 micrograms / m3 compared to the 35,01 of Alba and the 38,90 of Bra ".

"There remains a certain discomfort - conclude Cravero and Scavino - in issuing measures to limit the circulation of our citizens on the basis of data from a detection unit located in the territory of another province and distant as the crow flies 54 km from Alba and 69 km from Bra ". (Em)