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Traffic control activities continued by Bra Command Police officers: over the past week, thanks to the use of the Targa Instrumentation instrument, more than 2000 vehicles were tested. Among these well 18 were found to be in circulation without being subjected to the prescribed periodic review, while 5 was sequestrated because it was surprised without the required third party liability insurance coverage. Singular, in this case, the case of a surprised car driver two days away and two distinct Mercedes class A, both of which are insured. In all cases, drivers were charged with the administrative violation committed. A driver who was driving his Fiat Punto without insurance was also withdrawn for the license, as it expired for months; a man aboard a Kymco moped was also sanctioned, as well as lacking a review of the vehicle, even if he had never obtained a driving license. Checks were also made to check the efficiency of the tires, particularly important items this season. The controls will continue in the coming days. (Municipal police)

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