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The Municipality of Bra reminds that, according to the current municipal urban hygiene regulations, in the case of snow and ice, "on the sidewalks and on the corresponding sections of public land, private individuals or entities involved must take care of clearing snow, breaking or covering with suitable non-slip materials of ice lollies and avoiding the spreading of water that can be frozen ". Similar measures must be put in place to free the drains and manholes and allow the regular flow of water.

The domestic and commercial users are reminded that, in order for the waste collection service to be performed correctly, the bins and bags must be displayed respecting the scheduled times. In the case of home collection inside private courtyards, the vehicles must have access to the area that must be adequately freed from snow and ice.

In the days affected by snowfall, the personnel in charge of manual and mechanized street sweeping take care of clearing snow and spreading salt with particular attention to the points of access to public buildings and compulsory schools. Even the technical staff of the Municipality of Bra is committed to managing any critical situations that may occur. The collaboration of all stakeholders is essential to ensure an adequate level of security and functionality of public and private spaces concurrently and as a result of snowfall and frost. For more information, please visit or contact the 0172 413744 Municipal Police Office or

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

tel. 0172.413744