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Investigations are still under way by the agents of the Braidese Municipal Police Command aimed at identifying the driver that the other afternoon, after provoking a road accident on the 231 road in Borgo San Martino, has fled. The vehicle, coming from a side road, has entered the state, omitting to give priority to vehicles in transit: to avoid the collision, a driver driving his Fiat Punto has lost control of the vehicle, going to collide head-on with a Citroen C3 circulating on the same road, towards Bra. Immediately upon arrival, the municipal police emergency patrol arrived to carry out the surveys and ascertain the responsibilities. Because of the violent clash, the driver of the Punto has had to resort to the treatment of the city's First Aid, where he was judged to be curable in 10 days.

The Braidesi Agents also proceeded to seal the Citroen C3, as the owner had not proceeded to renew the insurance policy. In order to arrive at the identification of the vehicle on the run, the agents acquired images of video surveillance cameras in the area; the Prosecutor of the Republic of Asti has also been informed of the fact that he was involved in the case of an accident in the event of a traffic accident with injuries and failure to rescue. Anyone who has witnessed the facts or has useful information about the incident in question may contact the police headquarters of Bra at 0172 / 413744 or by e-mail at the address (Municipal police)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

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