Private construction

The religious confessions whose relations with the State are regulated according to the article 8, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, which have an organized, widespread and consistent presence at national level and a significant settlement in the local community can request a regional contribution for the realization of works and interventions on the same buildings.
The procedure involves the identification of contributions with a municipal council decision approving the forecast budget.
Time-limits for bringing proceedings: concurrent with the approval of the budget, 60 days from the filing of the declaration of commencement of work, 60 days from the filing of the expense documentation.

City of Bra - Private Building Office

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8: 30-12: 30

From 2 May 2019:

Monday: 8.45 - 12.45

Wednesday: 8.45 - 12.45

Friday: 8.45 - 12.45

City of Bra - Private Building Office

headquarters: Via Barbacana 6 (fourth floor)
phone: (+ 39) 0172.438356
fax: (+ 39) 0172.44333

Manager: Welcome Reinero
Responsible: Bruno Parizia (VP)

These are the detailed planning tools to cater for urban areas or existing areas, identified by the regulatory plan, where space for public use needs to be recovered.

What you need: asking for a stamp addressed to the Mayor; project of triple copy work drafted by a qualified professional; technical and technical report drawn up by qualified professional; draft implementing rules and, if necessary, a convention scheme;


two stamp brands from € 16,00
€ 325,00 payment for secretarial rights

Download this file (PEC Convention Pattern.pdf)Conventional PEC.pdf Schema[The convention scheme.]0 kB