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The activity of the Municipal Police Command of Bra continues to prevent and repress various violations of the Highway Code. In the last seven days, thanks to the Targa System "the computer eye" supplied to the Municipality of Bra, the position of 5.103 vehicles that crossed the city streets has been verified: among these, 32 drivers have been sanctioned for not having submitted to the prescribed periodic review their means, while 7 vehicles were placed under administrative seizure as they surprised without the necessary third party liability insurance coverage.

In conjunction with the Christmas holidays and year-end, some offices and municipal services will change time. Saturday 23 and Saturday 30 December 2017 remain closed to the public the facilitated service counter and Isee and the Registry Office (while the civil registry office is active only for the practices relating to deaths, as well as on 26 December holidays, 1 and 6 January).

The approval of the financial forecast budget for the three-year period 2018-2020 will be the focus of the meeting of the City Council of Bra convened by President Biagio Conterno at 15.00 on Thursday 21 December 2017. During the session, scheduled in the hall "Achille Carando" of the Town Hall, the Regulations for the discipline of the Single Municipal Tax (IUC) and for the application of the Tax for the occupation of public spaces and areas will also be discussed (TOSAP ), the assignment of the Treasury service for the period 2018 / 2022, the plan of the alienations and real estate valuations for the three-year period 2018 / 2020 and a revision to the Convention for the Central Unit of inter-municipal commissioning. During the last municipal council of 2017 will also address the determination of the rates for the 2018 municipal surcharge to the Irpef, for the municipal tax own (IMU) and for the Tribute on indivisible services (TASI), as well as tariffs for the Tax on waste (TARI).

It will be possible to follow the municipal council live streaming on the website www.comune.bra.cn.it or, subsequently, deferred on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra. (Em)

It will be an evening of music and solidarity scheduled for Saturday 23 December 2017, at 21 at the Teatro Politeama Boglione of Bra, when will be staged the traditional Christmas Concert organized by the Civic Institute of Bra "Adolfo Gandino" and from the Fossano Musica Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra and Unicef.

An evocative musical fairy tale for White Choir will warm up the festive atmosphere of these days, thanks to the harmonies of the "A. Gandino "of Bra, the choirs of Voices of the FFM and of the" Ambimblè "choir of Bra, accompanied by the Orchestra di Fiati of the Fossano Music Foundation conducted by Maestro Alessio Mollo and the Orchestra d'Archi of the musical Civic Institute of Bra , composed of the violin, viola, cello, piano and flute classes.

As part of the concert, which will tell through the notes the commitment of students and teachers of the Braidese Institute and the musical realities of the territory, the Unicef ​​Committee of Cuneo will present through an engaging video the initiatives activated in every part of the world in support of children in difficulty. To make Christmas not only a time of shared celebration but also of solidarity towards those less fortunate, it will be possible to "adopt a pigotta", the Unicef ​​doll that saves the life of a child and helps to support the programs of slaughter of the infant mortality which, even today, affects more than 7 million children every year.

The Christmas Concert is free admission subject to availability, with reservations required in the secretary of the "Gandino" Institute, by calling the 0172 / 44465 number. (Em)






Info: City of Bra - "Gandino" Civic Institute
tel. 0172.44465

The program "A year with Giovanni Arpino" was concluded with which the Municipality of Bra, in collaboration with the Cassa di Risparmio di Bra Foundation and the Arpino family, celebrated the ninety years since the birth and the thirty since the death of the journalist and writer originally from Pula, but "raised" in Bra.