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The Municipality of Bra remembers that, according to the current municipal urban hygiene regulations, in the case of snow and ice, "on the sidewalks and on the corresponding sections of public land, private individuals or entities involved must take care of clearing snow, breaking or covering with suitable non-slip materials of ice lollies and avoiding the spreading of water that can be frozen ".

Registration is open until December 22 for the evening courses in basic computer science, word and excel promoted by the "CPIA - Provincial Center for Adult Education in Alba Bra". The courses, which will start in January, will be held in Bra and will have a duration equal to 24 hours each.

Traffic control activities continued by Bra Command Police officers: over the past week, thanks to the use of the Targa Instrumentation instrument, more than 2000 vehicles were tested. Among these well 18 were found to be in circulation without being subjected to the prescribed periodic review, while 5 was sequestrated because it was surprised without the required third party liability insurance coverage. Singular, in this case, the case of a surprised car driver two days away and two distinct Mercedes class A, both of which are insured. In all cases, drivers were charged with the administrative violation committed. A driver who was driving his Fiat Punto without insurance was also withdrawn for the license, as it expired for months; a man aboard a Kymco moped was also sanctioned, as well as lacking a review of the vehicle, even if he had never obtained a driving license. Checks were also made to check the efficiency of the tires, particularly important items this season. The controls will continue in the coming days. (Municipal police)

Arpa Piemonte has reported the worsening of meteorological conditions throughout the region due to the descent of a perturbation of Arctic origin, with snowfall at low altitudes. In particular, for the province of Cuneo an orange alert level has been identified (forecasts issued on 01-12-2017 valid up to 24 02-12-2017 hours). "From the central hours of today (Friday 1 December 2017) are expected the first rainfall that will be generally of weak intensity, with a snow quota close to the ground - reads the site of Arpa Piemonte - The phenomena will intensify from late evening on low Piedmont in particular on the Cuneo area, where we could have also substantial amounts of fresh snow.The situation will remain unchanged until the morning of Saturday 2 December.After a gradual attenuation of the phenomena from the central hours is expected with general exhaustion in the afternoon ".

Citizens are encouraged to minimize, as far as possible, car trips in case of snowfall, especially if abundant, and remember the obligation to use snow tires. Updates and more informationon the appropriate section of the Arpa Piemonte website, also reachable from the homepage of our institutional portal.

"The Guarantee, in a Timely Rationale, of Activating Real Time Surveillance in a Bra and Alba Controller": This is what the Bra Sara Cravero and Alba Massimo Scavino Environmental Assessors in Regione Piemonte and Arpa are asking jointly data on the more specific and representative air quality of the territory.