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Located at the highest point and symbol of the city, the Zizzola "Casa museo dei braidesi" tells History and stories of Bra to visitors who, during the summer weekends, choose to reach the Fey street site. Until the end of September, on Saturdays and Sundays, from the 10 to the 18 the park is open (with some loungers available for visitors to relax) and the museum with visits organized by the cultural association Mousikon.

The agents had been on the trail of the "bicycle thief" for several weeks: in at least two cases it had been filmed by video surveillance cameras while taking possession of bicycles parked in the city and tied with special locks.

The Municipality of Bra has published a public competition announcement based on qualifications and exams, subject to possible pre-selection, for the recruitment of an "Environmental Technical Specialist" to be employed in the Urban Planning, Environment, Territory and Production Activities division.

The "Amici dei Musei" Association of Bra, in collaboration with the "Craveri" Civic Museum of Natural History, is organizing an outdoor screening in the garden of the Museum of Natural History, of the film "Jurassic World - The Kingdom, for 27 July 2019 on Saturday. destroyed". The screening starts at 21.30

The midweek evening patrols conducted by the Municipal Police Command of Bra will continue until late summer. In addition to the usual evening weekend patrols, for the summer period there are also evening outings during the week established according to the availability of staff on duty. The evening patrols, in addition to managing and following up the requests for emergency services reached at the operations center in via Moffa di Lisio, also carry out checks in the main green areas of the city including the gardens of piazza Roma, viale Madonna dei Fiori, via Crimea, via Milan, via Montegrappa (Falcone and Borsellino), Belvedere (gardens of the Rocca); the controls are also extended to the gardens and green areas of the hamlets. Please note that even in the evening hours it is always possible to request the intervention of the Municipal Police at the 0172 413744 number (1 key - emergency service). (Municipal Police Bra)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal police Bra
tel. 0172.413744 - poliziamunicipale@comune.bra.cn.it