Road accidents
In the late afternoon of Friday 22 July 2005 clashed in via Ballerini at the intersection with via Solferino, a Lancia Dedra led by CI and a Ford Focus led by BS One of the two vehicles involved, engaging via Solferino (one way) in the opposite direction to the one allowed, caused the incident. Drivers of vehicles were involved, while a patrol of the Municipal Police of Bra was underway for major operations.
The provincial road n.7 connecting Pollenzo with Verduno was on Saturday 23 July to 13, a theater of a clash near the bridge over the Tanaro river between a Ford Transit led by CM of Alba and a Mercedes led by GJ coming from Germany. The protagonists of the clash that failed to agree on the responsibility required the intervention of a Bra Patrol police patrol.
In the afternoon of Thursday 28 in July, a failure to respect the precedent, there was an incident at De Gasperi at the crossroads with Crosassa street, a Y10 Autobianchi led by LL of Bra and a Mitsubishi Pajero, led by IG, Bra. Even in this case, none of the involved were injured. Major incidents of the accident were carried out by a patrol of the Municipal Police of Braids.
Towards 19 on Tuesday, 2 August collided with GB Gandino at the intersection with avenue Risorgimento, a Fiat Panda led by TGB and a Citroen C3, conducted by ME No one involved injuries, while the causes of the accident I'm still watching the patrol of the Municipal Police Department of Bra, which was called for intervention.
Check green areas
During a service aimed at preventing any illicit in the green areas of the city, a Bra Patrol police patrol noticed in the late afternoon of Saturday, 31 July, a group of young people who had boarded their moped in the Madonna avenue gardens of flowers, despite the ban. From a check it emerged that one of the young, GE, eighteen-year-old Bra, circulated under the leadership of his Aprilia moped without paying the insurance and without having to undergo periodic revision. As a result, the scooter was seized, with the penalty of € 143,00 for the non-review and € 716,00 for having run out of insurance.
Children in the car
Salty slides for those who travel by car with children without adequate protection. The existing Road Code (172 paragraph 4 °) obligates passengers under the age of 12 to be detained by a system appropriate to their height and weight (seat and seat belts). In Bra, the Municipal Police has drawn up a number of minutes (about fifty) for as many motorists as not expected to do so, which resulted in a five-point downgrade on the driver's license and penalty from € 68,00 to € 275,00. For those carrying children under the age of 12, remember to follow carefully what is prescribed by current legislation, which provides:
for the 0 group: for children from 0 to 10 Kg. the seat should only be placed on the rear seat and secured with the seat belts;
for the 0 + group: applies to children from 0 to 13 Kg. and should be placed on the rear or front seat in the opposite direction to the running gear; if the car is equipped with a passenger airbag and can not be switched off, the child seat must be positioned in the rear seat; however, always insured with the belts of the car;
for the 1 group: for children from 9 to 18 Kg., up to 4 years and must be installed on the rear seat in the direction of travel and secured with the vehicle safety belt;
for the 2 group: these are cushions with armrests and are used for children up to 6 years or weighing between 15 and 25 Kg. Also in this case they can be placed on the front seat (if there is no air - passenger bag) and the seat belt must always be fastened;
for the 3 group: for children between the 6 and 12 years and between 22 and 36 Kg., they are always cushions, but without armrests and can be installed both before and afterwards, depending on the eventual presence of the XNUMX 'airbags.
All seats in any group must bear the ECE R 44 / 03 or ECE R 44 / 02 or ECE R44 label on the approval label. (Municipal Police Command Bra)