Kids, parents and grandparents all abducted in theater by the magic of the theater. This is the hope with which the 2006 programming of "Sunday at the Theater" is the space reserved for the representations for the families included in the billboard of the Politeama Theater "Boglione" by Bra. From mid-January, four shows will be offered in the afternoon on a holiday day, with a single ticket of only four euros. The first appointment is for 16: 30 on Sunday 15 January 2006, when Nicoletta Briganti, Renato Patarca and Fabrizio Valentini will follow "Peter Pan" on the island that is not there, in a work directed by Lino Terra on the famous James novel Matthew Barrie. January 22 will be the turn of the "Flabadaba circus" in the show designed, directed and interpreted by Alberto Barbi and his company Fratelli Ochter. On stage are Paolo La Torre, Lara Quaglia, Corrado Calcagno and Sandro Arfinengo. Start of the show always at 16: 30. The January 29 space for the youngest with "The Bold Omega and the Apple's Apple", drawn from Natan Zach's "The Bold Omega" tale, featured and interpreted by Alessandro Larocca and Andrea Ruberti. Last show, starting with 16: 30 on Sunday afternoon, February 5. By Roald Dahl, one of the greatest international authors of childhood literature, Donald Arru has taken the comedy "The Lords Porcimboldi", played by Laura Righi.
Tickets for all the shows will be sold at the theater's box office in Piazza Carlo Alberto, one hour before the start of the show, while for more information you can contact the Tourist Office and the City of Bra at the telephone number 0172.430185 (e-mail or at its headquarters in via Moffa of Lisio 14. (Rg)