On the occasion of the great Bra-Bra cycling fund, which will be held next Sunday 4 May 2008, there will be disruption to road traffic in the city of Zizzola as far as the routes involved are concerned. The start of the race will take place at 10 in the morning and will follow the route via Trento and Trieste, Piazza Roma, Via Vittorio Veneto, via Cuneo and then leave the city in the direction of Cherasco. Arrival is expected from 12: 30 to 16: 30 and will affect the following city streets: Montenero street, east bretellina, Via Vittorio Veneto, Via Cuneo, Piazza Roma, via Trento and Trieste, piazza Giolitti. The entire route will be attended by members of the Municipal Police Department who, however, invite citizens and motorists residing in the streets of the race, or who need to travel these routes, to avoid circulating the times indicated above so as not to compromise safety and security. the regular occurrence of the event. For any information you can contact Bra's Municipal Police Department at 0172.413744 phone number or, by email, at the central address@comune.bra.cn.it. (Municipal Police of Bra)