On Sunday afternoon, the "Giovanni Arpino" Center of Bra, crowded with parents, artists and kids, hosted the concluding show of the workshop organized by the Foundation Elisa Sednaoui in collaboration with the Municipality and the educators of Save the Children.
An extraordinary event that has enthusiastically everyone and allowed participants to perform to show what they learned during the course. The audience in the room, attentive and involved, expressed his appreciation with warm applause.

final holiday

After the Mayor's thanksgiving speech, dancing was the eclectic songwriting group Naomi Goirand who, during these five days, taught the boys some tribal chants alongside Paolo Serazzi, who directed the song musical instruments course.
Immediately afterwards, one went to another type of art, photography. The eleven participants exposed to the public a selection of shots made together with Laura Sciacovelli, international photographer and coordinator of the group. Original and very expressive images that showed all the study done before the famous click. After the original sketch of the theatrical course came the turn of Giacomo Gabrielli, young director, who has enjoyed the public with some shorts, shot with the guys who masterfully ironized on classical genres such as romantic, horror and thriller .
But to "steal" the scene was the percussion and rhythm workshop led by Ahmedkhairy, an experienced musician from Egypt, who involved all the present with his skill and extraordinary vitality. The percussionists also kindly provided an accompaniment to the spectacle of the aspirant circles, led by Maria Grazia Ielapi, which have been very successful. Volteggi, throws, contortions and a thousand other stunts have left the audience open mouth.
So the word that can best describe the show last night is surely: triumph! Nobody expected them to learn so much in a few days.
We young media journalists at the Media School are excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this fantastic project, we also hope to have enjoyed our chronicles and have made them understand how arts can entice young people, as group work can foster the birth of important friends, how to find that having a passion can create dreams.
We greet you warmly and thank you heartily for following us, but before leaving you, we want to turn a heartfelt thanks to those who have enabled this and above all to Elisa who has always been close to us with her discreet presence but authoritative, fun but highly professional. A beautiful girl with deep, enchanting eyes, simple, gentle, affable, famous model and actress but above all great and generous person of heart.
"Nothing is so contagious as the example"
Thank you, thank you very much!

Paolo Cerrino and Giulia Pesce
Official reporters Sednaoui project for the
Media School "Piumati-Craveri-Dalla Chiesa"