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The civic musical institute "Gandino" of Bra offers two paths of approach to music dedicated to children. These are, in particular, "Musica in fasce", dedicated to babies from zero to 36 months, and "Musical Development", aimed at children aged 3 to 6, both based on Gordon's Music Learning Theory.

In today's society, grandparents play an increasingly important role: a fundamental heritage of experience and wisdom to draw upon, they have become real "guardian angels of childhood", often the nerve center of the families they belong to, as well as still a very active part of citizenship.

To allow the execution of the crane placement and assembly work in the construction site set up between via Fratelli Carando and via Vittorio Emanuele II, on Monday 7 October 2019 there will be a ban on vehicular transit in the section of via Vittorio Emanuele II between the entrance to the construction site and the 'intersection with via Piave, from 7 am until the end of the works, scheduled for the end of the morning. In any case, residents in the section affected by the works will be guaranteed passage and access to their respective properties. It is also allowed for all vehicles coming from the roundabout in via Cuneo to pass through via fratelli di Carando.

Technicians and officials who deal with mobility throughout Europe, gathered in Turin for their annual conference, recently arrived in Bra to learn more about the virtuous local system of interchange and connection between rail and road transport. The delegates, coming from Vilnius, Berne, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Porto and from the Piedmontese agency and belonging to the EMTA - European Metropolitan Transport Authorities association, which groups together the mobility agencies of over 30 European metropolitan areas (including Turin), were welcomed by the deputy mayor Biagio Conterno, the municipal consultant for mobility Pietro Ferrero and the official of the Transport Office Valerio Tibaldi.

UPDATE: For technical reasons, the schedule of steps for washing the man's containers has been updated. The complete calendar can be consulted here.

Starting from 12 October 2019, the third intervention for washing the containers for the collection of wet waste will start in Bra. As has already happened in recent months, the company in charge of waste collection in the city, the Ambiente 2.0 consortium, will wash the containers delivered at the beginning of the year with the launch of the new collection system.

Download this file (Wet bin washing calendar.pdf)Wet bin washing calendar.pdf[]569 kB