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A serious car accident occurred yesterday morning, 10 July 2008, shortly after the 9, in the Pollenzo district, along the 7 provincial road to Km 6 + 200. The 64-year-old Enzo Canavese, a resident of Bra, was crossing the road when he was invested by the Audi A3 led by SG, nineteen-year-old from Cherasco, a new driver. Following the violent impact, the pedestrian hit the windshield glass of the Audi and was dragged along the asphalt for a few meters.

A new irrigation system has been built in Bra and the new flower decoration of the flower bed in front of the entrance to the church of San Giovanni Battista, at the crossroads between Via Marconi and Via Vittorio Emanuele. The works were carried out with the precious collaboration of the group of florists of the local merchant association, who will also take care of future maintenance. (Rg)
The prominent name of the international panorama, virtuoso of contemporary guitar, along with the sophisticated voice of a soprano with great communicative power. American Annelise Skovmand and Argentinean Pablo Gonzales, the two artists of the "Inca Rose Duo", will perform Thursday 17 July 2008 in the prestigious Mathis Palace in Bra. The show, with a strong emotional intensity, features a selection of original interpretations of the traditional guitar and popular voice repertoire of the world, with a path that will articulate through a clever mix of multicultural elements linked to classical and popular music, sublimate in a unique and original sound.

There will also be the national police band and a significant presence of the panthers of the Stradale era, at the inauguration ceremony of the new Poltry detachment, which will see the Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni on Monday 21 July 2008 Undersecretary of the Interior, Michelino Davico. If the courtyard of the former Trevisan barracks will be opened in via Umberto from 16 hours, in order to give citizenship a chance to visit the historical vehicles supplied to the public security forces, at 17 the highest summits of the Ministry of the Interior will review the picket of honor, before cutting the ribbon and visiting the barracks.

There is no peace in the Belvedere Gardens of Bra, on the Rocca, in Piazza XX Settembre. After the floral essence of the past few weeks, vandalism has been recorded on the weekend, which has damaged the structures used by the City for the outdoor movie cycle titled Cinema in the Garden. In particular, the cabin used to hold the instrumentation was destroyed.