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Update: the Consumer Movement announces that it will lend its business in Bra until 25 July 2020, to then cease local service.

Starting from 6 June 2020, the Bra Consumer Desk will reopen to the public, by the Consumer Movement. The office, housed in the house of associations in Piazza Valfrè, will be operational again with the usual schedule, on Saturday morning from 9 to 12.

The coronavirus emergency will not prevent the city of Bra from celebrating the feast of the Italian Republic. Certainly, due to the anti-Covid rules that prohibit gatherings, Tuesday 2 June 2020 will miss the appointment with the many initiatives organized by the municipal administration in past editions, but this does not mean that citizens will not have the opportunity to participate in a large collective party, albeit in a virtual form.

During the last session of the city council the assembly adopted two important regulations.

Regulations for building and landscaping sanctions
The City of Bra has adopted a regulation for the application of administrative pecuniary sanctions in building and landscaping matters. "It is", explained the Councilor for Urban Planning Anna Brizio, "of a necessary tool to guarantee preconceived certainties in the application of superordinate regulations, with the aim of ensuring the good performance and impartiality of administrative action. The answer to a need increasingly perceived by citizenship ".
To illustrate the technical aspects of the new regulation, the director of the urban planning division Stefano Tealdi, who explained how the sanctioning provisions envisaged by Presidential Decree 380/2001 for the construction part and Legislative Decree 42/2004 for the landscape part are rather complex and contain indeterminacies left to the discretion of the entity that has the burden of application. The adoption of the regulation for the application of sanctions, inspired by criteria commensurate with the extent of the abuse and the period of time elapsed since its implementation, will allow to orient the activity of the office called to the application of the legislation and will allow all citizens, professionals and operators in the sector, to have greater certainties, more speed and fairness of administrative action.
The new regulation, which does not introduce new sanctions but only dictates the criteria to be followed in the application of the state regulations, has received the approval of most of the assembly, starting with the President of the Urban Planning Commission Sergio Panero (Together for Panero-Civic Group ), according to which, "thanks to this regulation, no more cubic meter will be built in the city than is permitted by law".
The only dissenting voice was that of the director Annalisa Genta (Courage-You change), who invited the Administration to be more cautious because, according to him, this instrument would invade state and regional competences.
The reply came from the director Bruna Sibille (PD), who recalled how the regulation is the result of a job started some time ago which involved technical and legal insights on the matter. “It was no longer possible to leave the situation unchanged. It was necessary to give an answer to the citizens ".

Regulations for the Consultation of the Committees of Neighborhoods and Fractions
Among the items on the agenda also the adoption of a regulation for the establishment of the municipal council of the committees of neighborhoods and hamlets. As explained by the commissioner Luciano Messa, it is an advisory body that does not replace the function of the individual committees. The council will be consulted by the municipal administration whenever it has to adopt measures of general interest such as financial planning, territorial planning and any major works. "We are going to formalize a comparison method already started for years through the use of the so-called 'Interquartieri' assembly".
The text passed with the abstention of minorities (with the exception of Councilor Genta, who gave a favorable opinion) after the proposal made by the group leader of the Lega Marco Ellena to amend the regulation by inserting two directors into the new body municipal representing majority and opposition. (Rb)

The river meeting of the City Council ended with the discussion of 10 questions presented by the minority (with the exception of the director Annalisa Genta, group leader of "Courage-You change", signatory only of the last).

Among the topics under discussion the transport service to the new hospital in Verduno, considered today unsuitable to meet the needs of healthcare personnel as well as those who go to the hospital to assist patients. "We are aware that the service does not satisfy everyone", replied Councilor Massimo Borrelli. "For this reason we will ask the Region to modify some timetables of line 2 in order to meet the needs of users without increasing expenditure and at the same time to consider the urban route by inserting Verduno in the conurbation, so as to keep the ticket price at 1,2 ,XNUMX euros".

The new hospital was the subject of a second question relating to interventions in the area of ​​traffic which will have to guarantee easy access to the structure by citizens. In this regard, the Mayor illustrated the procedure which, after the release of the "Crosetto Funds", will lead to the creation of the variant to the town of Pollenzo. Work to which the Municipality will contribute 700 thousand euros.

Another topic that was very much felt was the summer of this year or not, a question that is very close to the families of Braidesi. The mayor Gianni Fogliato has confirmed that the Administration is willing to ensure the holding of the summer centers also for the whole month of August and that contacts have already started with the Alice and Lunetica cooperatives, the Parishes, the Madonna dei Fiori Neighborhood Association and Salesians. "We will proceed by dividing the children into small groups divided into a greater number of school buildings than in the past," explained the Mayor.

Also asked for clarifications about the fate of the masks donated by the Chinese County of Yongchang ("partially distributed to the Aghav, to the Center of mental hygiene and to voluntary associations but not to citizenship as a disposable garrison"), forecasts regarding the reduction of income from urbanization costs in the three-year public works plan ("today a drop of 40% is expected, but the Region has announced that it will cover at least part of the losses"), and information on the measures taken to avoid the frequent abandonment of waste along the escarpments of the railway between via Cuneo and via Cherasco ("Rfi has undertaken to install a camera to monitor the area, as well as to clean up the area. Measures which have been suspended due to the Covid emergency and which we will return to solicit ".)

The oppositions were then criticized against the Administration for the failure to convene the City Council in these months: "In our opinion it was necessary to convene a session in April to present a detailed report on what was happening and how it was acting ”, The comment of Marco Ellena (Lega).

This was followed by the discussion of a question relating to the pedestrian crossing via Vittorio Veneto, near the roundabout with via Adua and via Isonzo, which will be modified to make it safer.

The evening ended with the question presented by councilor Genta regarding 5G technology. “At the moment,” explained the commissioner Massimo Borrelli, “there are no plants in the Bra area, which is not affected by experimentation. However, the issue will be further investigated by the Environment Commission ". (Rb)

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The municipal council of Bra met electronically yesterday. The session, the first for some months now, opened with a long communication from the mayor Gianni Fogliato, who first of all remembered the fellow citizens who disappeared in these months, starting with coronavirus victims such as dr. Dominique Musafiri. This was followed by heartfelt thanks to the front row health workers in the fight against Covid 19, to the many volunteers who in recent months have worked for the community and the citizenship itself, which has always shown itself to be respectful of the rules dictated to combat the pandemic. Considerations that have found the consensus of the whole city assembly.