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A film and six bra braces to discuss the issues of couple life. This is what will happen under the Zizzola from Monday 2 May 2011, with the projection at the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural multifunctional center of Wide Resistance of the film "Eve and Adam", the work of Vittorio Moroni telling the existence of three women, Erika, Deborah and Veronica, different from each other, away from age, social exclusion, culture, work, and aspirations. For each one, in different ways, living a loving relationship means facing a challenge: with oneself, your own needs, your own idea of ​​freedom, social judgments.

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"The legislator, by introducing the new stalking offense into our legal system, has moved on two fronts: the first concerns the burden of the perpetrator and aggravating circumstances, the second concerns the aspect of the prevention of the offense, ie the interventions that can be put in place to prevent the offense being committed. And here the City can play an important role. " With this statement began the interview with Dr. Mauro Taba, Commander of the Municipal Police of Bra, guest of the seventh episode of "Women in flight", broadcast by the City Administration of the City of Zizzola, aired today, Thursday 21 April 2011, on Radio Alba's frequencies.

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Bra's extraordinary controls on road traffic continue without interruption. On the day just yesterday, Wednesday 20 April 2011, ten patrols controlled the entire city territory by also carrying out road traffic control posts. Controls also allowed to recover and confiscate a car on Gabotto Street, a Fiat Croma of the 2009, stolen last month at a nearby Alba dealer.

Professor Livio Berardo, former councilor and councilor of Bra, now president of the Historical Institute of the Resistance of Cuneo, presented yesterday, 20 2011 on Tuesday 1922 in the council hall of the civic building of the town of Zizzola, his latest book "Elements dangerous Cuneian anti-fascism between 1943 and XNUMX. "

New municipal and fresh retired employees officially greeted by Bra's junta. Yesterday, Tuesday 19 April 2011, Mayor Bruna Sibille and members of the municipal executive met with employees who have recently joined the civic mansion, as well as those who have just left the facility.