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Road accidents

In the late afternoon of Monday 17 January a road accident occurred in Via Cuneo at the intersection with IV November between a NG-operated articulated vehicle and a CC Volkswagen Golf.
In the clash, the driver of the Golf had the worst of all that he had to resort to Bra's First Aid Care while the driver of the truck was unlucky. There was a Bra Patrol Police Patrol for the case reliefs and the necessary road operations; Agents are also carrying out the necessary investigations to determine the responsibilities of the incident.

An evening in Bra to remember the genocide of Jews during World War II. On the occasion of the 27 Memorial Day, a date that remembers the day of the slaughter of the gates of the Auschwitz lager, will be held at the 21 at the Auditorium of the Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino" in Wide Resistance a conference on the topic "January 27: The Right and the duty to not forget", in which Professor Angelo d'Orsi, professor of Contemporary Thought History at the University of Turin, Elena Vita Finzi Ottolenghi, representing the Jewish Community of Turin and Professor Livio Berardo, president of the Historical Institute of Resistance in Cuneo.

It was recently published in the "History and historiography" series of the Society for Historical, Archaeological and Artistic Studies of the Province of Cune, the volume Euclide Milano. Ethnographer, scholar, polygraph, disseminator (1880-1959) curated by Rinaldo Coma and Emanuele Forzinetti, who collects the reports held at the last 2003 conference.
"A character, scholar and enterprising and" difficult "man at the same time, Euclide Milano is counted from the City of Bra among its most illustrious fellow citizens. He was a public administrator, councilor and councilor. He was the creator and director of the Art Museum, a catalyst for works of art and valuable pieces, the head of an important and prestigious higher education institute, but also a historian and researcher in the field of popular culture and traditions ", wrote Camillo Scimone Mayor and the Councilor Michelino Davico in the introduction to the book, published with the patronage of the municipalities of Bra and Cuneo and with the contribution of the Braassian Cassa di Risparmio Foundation.

Back again, like every year, the Italian course for foreign citizens of Bra, organized in collaboration between the municipal administration and the Mosaic interethnic association. This will give life to an intercultural laboratory located in the premises of the Centro Auditorio 44 Center.

It was handed over to the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, a copy of the book "A pansa mòla, Liber and Travaj a Lenga Piemonteisa for the Primary Scòla", realized by the councilor Valter Bergesio in collaboration with the Paola Costa schoolteacher.
The leader of the Northern League has received the first citizen with an applause for this initiative that wants to create among the youngest closer relations and communication spaces aimed at rediscovering the cultural roots of Piedmontese reality, which must be valued and revalued as the heritage of all.