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Priority will be given to the streets of the oldest historical city in the "door-to-door" collection of garbage to Bra. This is what emerged from the meeting between the representatives of the district committee with Mayor Camillo Scimone and the Councilor for the Environment Giovanni Marco Gallo, who also had a representative of the service concessionaire company.

New contributions will be delivered to the municipal councils of Bra for the expansion work of the Sports Hall of Viale Risorgimento. To be communicated to him was the chairman of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, Dr. Giacomo Oddero, in a letter addressed to the first citizen of the town of Zizzola, Camillo Scimone.

"In the meetings we organized in the Farewell, to illustrate the novelties of the waste collection service, I have been able to see the exceptional participation of citizens. This attests to maturity, extreme attention and a strong sensitivity to environmental issues. " The opinion of the Assessor of the Environment and the Concession Services of the City of Bra, Giovanni Marco Gallo, is positive, after the two evenings that took place in the past few days at Rossini 2000 Center and the Salesian Institute of viale Rimembranze. During the appointments, information and clarifications on the novelty of the collection were provided, according to the "door to door" system, which will involve Oltreferrovia, along with the Madonna Fiori district and the Bandito hamlet, in the coming February.

After the work was completed last December, on 24 2005 on Monday, XNUMX will be located in Square Fallen for Freedom in Bra, the fixed structures at the site for the recovery of Palazzo Mathis. In the space in front of the property, in the first section of Cottolengo course, a crane will be installed and no longer can be parked in the area occupied by the machinery.

Joint meeting yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 19 January 2005, for Urban and Environment Commissions of Bra Municipality. Presided by Pier Giorgio Pirra (Urbanistica) and Marcello Lux (Ambiente), there was also the group of designers responsible for the drafting of the new urban plan, as well as the councilor for the Environment Giovanni Marco Gallo and the Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio , delegate to the Urbanism of the Giunta Scimone.