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On Tuesday 27 February 2007 a delegation of the Bureau of the Council of Youth Council of Bra, composed by Leonardo Giacone and Letizia Morino, accompanied by the Youth Policy Adviser, Roberto Russo, attended in Rome at the first "National Meeting of Youth Consultants" , promoted by the Ministry of Youth Policies and by the Italian National Association of Italian Municipalities.

Bra's Civic Library continues reading the children between the three and six years of the "Nati to read" project. Every Monday in the late afternoon, between 17 and 18, in the "Kids Room" on the ground floor of Via Guala 45, you will be able to immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world of fairy tales, incredible stories and animations. Likewise, every Wednesday, the gaze will open to the different cultures of the planet with "A world of fairy tales", the initiative made in collaboration with the "Al Elka" foreign affair of the Intesa Bra-Assistance Consortium. Here, always between the 17 and the 18, children between six and ten years will be able to fly fantasy to know stories of exotic and distant places, learning to know the world around them. To attend the meetings of "Nati to read" or "A world of fairy tales" you must book at the secretary of the Civic Library or, by telephone, at 0172.413049. (Rg)
A mine of information for local history enthusiasts and a web service to get to know the reality of Cuneo. This is the meaning of the project to digitize the historical vintages of the main Cuneese periodicals, promoted by the Civic Library of Fossano, and to which the civic library of Bra also adheres. In particular, for the reality of Braids, the vintages from 1885 to 1926 and 1946 to 1956 from the historic "L'Eco della Zizzola" are digitized between the available periodicals.

Eight lessons for two hours. This is the commitment required by Bra for the tenth anniversary of the free courses of Piedmontese language and culture, the initiative promoted by the Piedmont Region and realized with the collaboration of the Civic Library curated and organized by the Centro Studi Piemontesi - Ca dë Studi Piemontèis of Turin in order to "protect and enhance the original linguistic heritage of Piedmont" and to "promote their knowledge". The lessons will be held at the Conference Room of the Large Resistance Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino", every Tuesday Tuesday night by 20: 30 at 22: 30.

A "musical journey" to get to know more closely the compositional masterpiece and interpretative passion of Ambrogio Sparagna, prominent figure in the panorama of the new popular Italian music and the great virtuoso of organetto. This is what Bra Politeama Theater performs with the "Journey of Giuseppantonio" show, on Friday 9 March 2007 at Bra Politeama Theater, for the StagionEvento section. Strengthened by a repertoire that explores the Italian music industry tradition through a series of original pieces composed by the same artist, this work has led the legendary journey of Giuseppantonio and his music companions, beginning in the early 900 on foot, from Naples to Marseille, told by Sparagna "with words and music", between serenades and ballads, ninne nanne and tarantelle of love, frenetic rhythms and saltarelli. This tour is accompanied by a multi-instrumentalist Erasmo Treglia, able to give birth to a small orchestra of folk instruments ranging from the candy, the ghoul, the guitar to the trumpet violin, and Riccardo Laganà, with his impetuous tambourines.