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From today, and until 20 2007 21, the preliminary design for the variant to the Detailed Plan relating to an urban area between via Piave, via Vittorio Emanuele, via Vittorio Veneto and via Adua will be deposited free to the public. Once the consultation period is over, for the next thirty days, ie from the 19 January to the 2007 February 6, anyone can submit their comments, provided they are of public and general interest, directing them to the Secretariat Office and depositing them to the Municipality's Protocol Office. in via Barbacana XNUMX (second floor).

In nine hundred parents and young people took part in the "SpaziOrientamento" evenings in Bra, in the last few weeks, the initiative organized by the Municipality of the city of Zizzola in collaboration with the Province of Cuneo, the Center for Employment and the city high schools. During the evenings, held at the "Giovanni Arpino" multi-functional cultural center of great resistance, the various opportunities to continue the course of study in the city were illustrated, with particular attention to the various opportunities offered by the local job market. Many people then took advantage of the "Open School" day, during which it was possible to visit the various city centers, which opened their doors for a Sunday to family and young students. (Rg)
A fire, probably of arduous origin, damaged in recent days Bra's wooden door at the back of the Velso Mucci Professional Institute of Fossaretto alley. The fact happened shortly after the 19 hours and immediately the alarm was triggered. The Bra Detachment Firefighters and the Prisoner of the Municipal Police of the Zizzola City have arrived on the spot. The damage was fortunately limited to the door. Treacherous agents are investigating to identify the perpetrators of what happened and the fact was reported to the Procuratorate of the Republic of Alba.

It will remain closed only in the commemorated feasts, Christmas, Saint Stephen, the first of the year, and the Epiphany, the Civic Library of Bra. For the rest, there are so many opportunities to read even during parties. From January, then, readings will be distributed to children between the three and six years of the project "Born to read". First appointment, Monday 15 from 17 to 18. At the same time, from Wednesday 17 January 2007, a new initiative will start, whose title is "A world of fairy tales".

The 27 2006 21 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXV During the evening, curators will have the opportunity to illustrate the results of archive research on education, work and religious influence on the journey made by the feminine component of the braid society, in a historical period between 1880 and the 1910. Entry is free. (Rg)