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Two Sundays stop traffic in the streets and squares of Bra's center. In the framework of improvements to air quality, 28 February and 21 March 2010, cars in the garage under the Zizzola from nine to eighteen, with the opportunity to live for an entire day the city unusually. The decision was taken by the municipal administration to raise awareness of citizenship about the need for a lifestyle change in order to achieve appreciable results. Sundays on foot or by bus On the occasion of the first event, Sunday 28 February, under the slogan "Stop .. auto! "Leave the car, go back to the city," roads closed from nine o'clock in the morning until eighteen, even for residents and domiciles, and shops open in the center, as well as opening all civic museums and the library, from ten at noon and from fifteen to eighteen. Doors are also open in the historic Mathis Palace, in Caduti Square for freedom, where guided tours to the city will also take place. The areas covered by the closure will be the same streets that are affected by the blocks during the Cheese event, ie the streets in Rome square, Piazza Carlo Alberto, Piazza Spreitenbach, Piazza XX Settembre, Piazza Caduti for freedom, Via Cavour, Via Marconi, via Principi of Piedmont, the entire Via Vittorio Emanuele, Via Barbacana, corso Garibaldi, with the possibility to walk through the inner ring made by the director via Vittorio Veneto, via Trento and Trieste, avenue Risorgimento, via Brizio, viale Madonna Fiori. Within this perimeter it will not be possible to circulate and the barracks will be adequately reported and guarded by municipal police officers. From ten to noon and from fifteen to eighteen, you will be able to use a special urban bus line, which will connect uninterruptedly the different areas of the city. Buses on which you can listen to songs from Giovanni Arpino's novels or live music, while at 17 there is a double appointment with music. In the bars of the center a "Tea in company", where you can have a chat with the musical background curated by the civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino", while in the church of Santa Chiara, the master Barlotta will perform at a piano concert on music of Chopin. The second event, in conjunction with the spring equinox and having the slogan "Spring Air", will see the cities of Bra and Alba share stop traffic, even in this case with a series of animation initiatives that will involve the two largest centers in Langhe and Roero. "Bra News", the official newsletter of the municipal administration, in its March issue will deal widespread with the issue of air quality in the city and will be distributed free of charge to all resident families. For any kind of information, you can then contact the municipal police department at the 0172.413744 telephone number. In the district heating and extension study of the ztl The two sundays will mainly serve to raise awareness of the problem of citizenship, even though the topic of air quality is being addressed by the municipality on the basis of a series of projects to which the different sectors of civic administration work. Among the hypotheses, an increase in restricted traffic areas in the city center is introducing new ways in the ongoing measures, extending the length of the bans; the formation of new wooded areas close to the inhabited center, for example in the plan area for the productive settlements of corso Monviso; the approval of an energy regulation, which determines the characteristics of new buildings, to minimize energy consumption; the further incentive for traffic reduction initiatives such as the Pedibus, which allows kids to get to school on foot on protected routes, or car pooling, rewarding the collective use of cars. Bra has been studying how to have a modern district heating system that, by rationalizing the use of heat produced in the city, can guarantee in homes the provision of hot water for heating and sanitary use. As the University of Turin continues to study pollutants in the city's air, the controls will be intensified to check engine shutdown when the pass bar at Roma Square level is lowered or in case of stop and stop, as well as will be tightened the control activities of the vehicle's efficiency control obligations, such as the blue flag or periodic revision. The City wants to give the example There are a number of actions that will be directly activated by the individual offices of the municipal administration. Among these, the use of special floor pavements, which will be used to fix dust particles in the air in the ground as well as the continuation of the energy-saving interventions of communal buildings, with increasing use of photovoltaic and energy systems renewable. Over the next few years, there will also be a radical overhaul of the car park at the disposal of the civic administration, with greater use of shared vehicles or with reduced environmental impact. A permanent inter-sectoral air quality table, chaired by the Mayor and co-ordinated by the Director-General, was also set up, which will periodically bring together the heads of the concerned municipal services and the relevant assessors to focus on the initiatives launched and for further programming activities that go in the direction of reducing harmful emissions in the city. Mayor Bruna Sibille declared: "Improving the quality of air in the city is, together with social issues, the problem I have put at the top of the priorities in government action. The initiatives I have in mind must move, however, according to a system logic, activating different competencies in the most diverse areas of administration. This is a complex problem, to be aware that things can be done in the immediate future but that many others can only produce effects in the medium term. We are working in this direction. " (Rg)