For the purposes of tax incentives for the purchase of diesel and LPG for heating purposes for non-methanized areas, the City Council of the City of Bra, by resolution n.72 of 16 September 2010, approved the updating of the methanized and non-methanized areas according to the provisions of the Financial Act 2010 (23 December 2009, No. 191) and notes issued by the Customs Agency.

Land mapping is also available for examining individual areas of gas network extension.

It is always possible to ask the Municipality for a certificate certifying the location of your home in a non-methane area.

Time for completion procedure: for attestation in an unmethanized area is of 30 days.

Documents (in .pdf format):

Council of Bra Council no. 72 / 2010

Framework for joining meta-zoned tables

1 Zone Table

2 Zone Table

3 Zone Table

4 Zone Table

5 Zone Table

6 Zone Table

7 Zone Table

8 Zone Table

9 Zone Table