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Rumors on rationalization and relocation of health services in Bra. For this reason the mayor Bruna Sibille, in agreement with the provincial councilor Roberto Russo, asked "urgently" a meeting with the director general of ASN Cn2, Dr. Giovanni Monchiero, in a letter in which the first citizen asks to know the intentions of the health care company on the "strategic paths that this health care company intends to put in place at the Santo Spirito hospital in Bra. This is before the entry into full functionality of the unique Alba-Bra hospital, under construction in Verduno ".

The purpose. That of acquiring useful information to promote a discussion table "to which I would be grateful to participate, jointly with the regional health councilor, the representatives of the territory involved in the council and regional council" - has anticipated Mayor Sibille. Who added: "The farsighted choice but not without practical consequences, to relocate in a single structure the health services of the Alba and Brabese territory, must however be preceded by a path that does not result in penalties for the communities, which have not only accepted but also proposed, rationalization of health services. All this in order to have adequate and qualified structures to satisfy their needs ". (Rg)