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Volunteers to assist and help customers of the weekly market of Bra. This is one of the new new tasks that will take place every Friday from mid-June, those who have joined the Zizzola for retired civic service. In order to increase the presence of people able to guarantee the protection of the various areas where the market takes place and collaborating with the municipal police officers in service to the market, the volunteers will guard a gazebo, where they can also keep shopping bags and support any victims of scams.

Likewise, the participants of the initiative will move in pairs along the entire market area to inform about the services present in the city and to collect opinions and reports from customers. The activity, which is an integral part of the local integrated security pact, will be preceded by a training period. These days the municipal administration is looking for new volunteers interested in participating in the initiative. For those who are available, simply contact the 0172.438241 number for information and membership. (Rg)