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A top-up refill of ten euros for the first four hundred braidesi who will buy the Neos Park autoparcometro in June. After the launch of the innovative payment system, the municipality of Bra decided to further facilitate those who stop in the blue strips with a gift already loaded for those who buy, at the cost of 29,90 euro, the card available at all Neos Park Points active in city. Advantage added to the fact that all Neos Park owners only pay for the actual parking time. In fact, only a minimum parking fee is charged for the orange auto-metaphor.

Neos Park is a rechargeable and easy to use parking meter, thanks to which you only pay the actual parking time. The use of the car meter saves time, avoiding the use of the meter with relative coins and it is no longer necessary to calculate the dwell time in advance, as the card automatically manages the periods of interruption of the payment (such as breaks lunch), without climbing the credit.

Once the credit has been used up, Neos Park can be recharged with an amount of your choice up to a maximum of 50 euro, at the points of sale and recharge (Neos Park Point) active in the city. The service is currently active in sixteen other municipalities of Piedmont, Lombardy and Valle d'Aosta and can be used in several cities. In the Cuneo area, the Bra user can also use the instrument in Fossano, Mondovì, Saluzzo and Savigliano. Once the recharge has been carried out, the autoparcometro automatically sets itself up for the new cities that are gradually added. Neos Park in Bra can be purchased and recharged at Business Space Peroli in Via Principi di Piemonte 17, at the Shell service station in Piazza Giolitti 1, at Eco Store in Via Carando 60. The cards can also be purchased in all the newsagents of Bra and at the Grimaldi stationery store in via Vittorio Emanuele 55. (Rg)