It seems to repeat the table of the five, in tracing a brief history of the "Meeting with the multivision" of Bra, which this year will bring to the city - from nine to one November at the Politeama "Boglione" theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto - the virtuosos of this art in which sound and images mingle, to arouse emotions. It is in fact the fifth international edition of an event that will open its curtain for the tenth time, just fifteen years after the first and already lucky edition, where will alternate some of the most qualified names of the Italian, European and global multivision.

The "digital evolution", as the subtitle of the "Meeting with the 2012 multivision", will open at 21 on Friday 9 November with the first screening session. The following day, Saturday 10 November, the second session, starting from 17. Works from different genres will be projected on a large screen: from travel reportage to reflection on great themes of human life, from nature to pure graphics. This will be a great window on creativity and imagination to which the Italians Fulvio Beltrando (Revello - CN), Claudio Tuti (Gemona - UD), Carlo Antonio Conti (Faenza), Alberto Berti (Forlì), Andrea Pivari (Lazise) will give their contribution - VR), Giorgio Cividal (Riese PioX - TV), Francesco Lopergolo (Padua), Francesco Cito (Naples), Enzo Massa (Alba-CN), Roberto Tibaldi (Bra-Cn), Luciano Laghi Benelli (Meldola-FC), Cristina and Franco Toso (Trieste), Adriana Gobbo (Belluno), which will compare with foreign authors Alex Rowbotham (GB), Leandro Blanco (Spain), Clemens Wirth (Austria), Mal Padgett (Australia), Guillaume Bily (France), Todd and Marcia Gipstein (USA).

Do not miss the evening "event" on Saturday 10 November at 21, in which will be staged "Man", a container of works that explore the various aspects of the complex human condition, touching themes such as love, memory, hope, despair, isolation and a sense of belonging. "Man" raises questions; It will be up to the public to give answers. The works will be linked to each other by the recitations of Linda Canciani and by the improvisations of accordionist Christian Tonello. Texts by Todd Gipstein, directed by Todd Gipstein and Francesco Lopergolo.

Sunday 11 November, at 16, the festival will end with the overwhelming rhythm of the music of Balkan Express, concert with multivision by the Venetian group Babapedana; a journey into music and images among the wandering cultures of Eastern Europe.

But already since November 3 and up to November 25, every Saturday and Sunday with 10-12 and 16-19 hours, it will be possible to visit, at the premises of the Movicentro in Piazza Caduti di Nassirya, the photographic exhibition ASPHERICO 2012, where the 77 images awarded in the international wildlife photography competition organized by the Italian Naturalist Photographers Association will be exhibited. The "Wonderfull Wilderness" multivision will also be shown at the 18 of each opening day, created with the 300 finalist images of the competition by the Merlino Multivisioni cultural association of Trieste.

Admission to the exhibition "ASFERICO 2012" is free, while tickets to attend the shows are in advance for the cost of 8 euro (6 euro for children under eighteen years, university students and over 65) at the Tourist Office and Events municipal square of Caduti for Liberty 20 or, the same evening of the show, at the box office of the Politeama Theater, in Piazza Carlo Alberto. It is also possible to subscribe a subscription, in order not to lose even a moment of the different sessions, at the cost of 20 euro (16 for the reduced ones).

The detailed program of the entire event can be downloaded from the websites e "Meeting with multivision" is an event organized by the City of Bra and the Politeama Foundation in collaboration with the photographic studio Immaginare di Bra, with the contribution of the Piedmont Region, the Alba Bra Langhe and Roero Tourism Authority, of the Province of Cuneo, of the Savings Bank Foundation of Bra and Crb spa.

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