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In this section are published the announcements and the results of the race or the affidamenti in economia activated by the Municipality of Bra and his Unique customer base.



Calls, warnings and outcomes (starting from 27.08.2018 - direct link)

Calls, warnings and outcomes (up to 27.08.2018)


Archive calls, notices and results (up to 27.08.2018)



Assignment of works, services and supplies:

Art. 1, c. 32, ln 190 / 2012  (new window)

Other publications pursuant to art. 37 c. 1 lett. b, Legislative Decree no. 33 / 2013  (new window)



Suppliers list


Information is also available forms to request and make contributions to the Municipality in the field of welfare and social security, sports and recreation of free time, the recovery and restoration of artistic, architectural, historical and environmental, cultural assets, for economic development, artistic musical, educational - scholastic, environmental protection and quality.