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In the weeks in which the works for the construction of the new district heating system started in Bra, Mayor Bruna Sibille appointed the district heating authority, the monocratic body that will oversee and control the methods for calculating tariffs, control over the implementation of the project, in addition to defining the distress indemnity that the concessionary of the public subsoil, the company Bra energy, will have to the municipal administration for the twenty-nine year duration of the agreement.

The choice fell on the engineer from Alba Ernesto Saracco, who will guide the authorities and just in these days he was received at the civic building to set up the activity of the new governing body. The engineer Saracco will be joined by an advisory technical committee, in which five members have been appointed by the municipal administration and two by Bra energy. The municipal councilors include Claudio Lacertosa, Pier Giorgio Pirra, Gian Massimo Vuerich and the engineers Marina Scarzello and Enrico Scavarda. Engineers Andrea Pautasso and Federico Mollo were designated by Bra energy.
"I have met in recent days the engineer Saracco to formally start the activities of the district heating authority, which will have to become the" third "point of reference with respect to the company and municipal administration also for users who will be connected to the service" - said Mayor Bruna Sibille - "This is a very competent professional who has already addressed these issues in other locations and I think it can really become a reference point in the city to manage a complex practice such as district heating. together with the advisory committee that will be convened as soon as possible, there are really all the conditions to give substance to a form of governess of this process that for the first time at national level is experienced right in our city ". (Rg)