"With a diameter of 180 meters it is one of the largest squares in our province". So the architect Roberto Dellarossa, former mayor of Bra and in the present designer of the intervention, greeted the new green area of ​​Piazza Giovanni Arpino inaugurated this morning, Thursday 5 December 2013, in Bra. "Today we inaugurate a part of a square that is dedicated to a great of our literature and that was realized thanks to the effective use of urban planning tools that the municipal administration has" - declared Mayor Bruna Sibille instead in thanking the company Mondavi who made the intervention.

A moment of the ceremony.
"This is an area that will take the shape of the urban forest, a place to enter and relax, thanks to a complex system of rainwater recovery that will allow irrigation without using potable water" - continued the first town , before leaving the floor to the students of the middle school "Dalla Chiesa" who read some passages taken from "Regina di cuoi" by Giovanni Arpino. And it was precisely the son of the late writer, Tommaso Arpino, to remember how the square goes to weld a link between present and past also in his memories: "From the center of this clearing you can see on the hill Villa Berzia, where Dad spent his childhood in Bra, with the boys present today who represent the future of this city ". (Rg)