The Carnival is celebrated with mom and dad, at the Toy Museum of Bra. As part of the "Families at the Museum" workshops, on Sunday 2 March, two workshops entitled "Viva Viva il Carnevale!" Will be held in the Guala 45 playground.

At 15 and 16.30 the participants - who for the occasion will be able to wear their favorite disguise - will learn how to build a mask to take home, to remember the party afternoon. Admission to 3 euro for each child who takes part in the workshop, free for parents who accompany him. To participate in the appointment you need to book by telephone at 0172.413049 or by e-mail at the address

"Viva Viva il Carnevale" is just one of the many initiatives proposed by the Bra Toy Museum, which last year was visited by 3.276 boys, with an increase of almost a thousand units compared to 2012, when the visitors were 2539. There are also many schools that have explored, with guided tour, the halls of the structure: in the 63 2012 classes, for a total of almost 1500 children, in 2013 92 were visiting schoolchildren, with 1877 small students fascinated by the collection of the museum.

"Families at the Museum" is an idea of ​​the Urban Museum System of the Municipality of Bra, built with the support of Compagnia San Paolo. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Civic Library

Tel. 0172.413049 -