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With City Council Resolution no. 22 of the 21.03.2012 was established with the "Compensation Fund for Fiscal Pressure" in order to intervene with social assistance instruments aimed at minimizing the impact of the growing tax burden on the whole, by providing a compensatory contribution to the most needy people by identifying them on the basis of ' Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE).
In particular, this deliberation recognized the need to intervene with welfare-related instruments aimed at minimizing the impact of the growing tax burden on the whole, by providing a compensatory contribution to those most in need by identifying the latter on the basis of the Equity Economic Indicator (ISEE) . With City Council Resolution no. 47 of 18.07.2016, the granting criteria for the contribution were modified.

How do you determine the contribution?

By December 20 of each year, the amount of the contribution to be assigned to each applicant will be determined. The contribution will normally be equal to the entire additional paid and / or retained to the applicant.If the sum of the total contributions calculated is greater than the annual limit of € 12.500, the individual contributions will be reduced in proportion to the ratio between € 12.500 and the total amount of the maximum contributions calculated.

The contribution in question will be paid only by bank or postal transfer to the accounts indicated in the contribution application.

Who can ask for it?

Italian and foreign citizens legally residing and with registered residence in the Municipality of Bra at the time of submission of the application, who have actually paid the municipal additional tax to Irpef to the Municipality of Bra in the reference year, can request access to the fund. The indicator of the equivalent economic situation (Isee) must be lower than the threshold set at € 18.000 for multi-compound households and € 19.000 for single-compound households.

Persons who own other properties other than the main dwelling and related belongings or who have major land records in the A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9 categories are excluded from the contribution. Such exclusion also applies if the aforementioned buildings (buildings other than the main dwelling or immovable property) are owned by other members of the family of the applicant.

When can you apply?

From 1 September to 30 October of each year it is possible to submit an application using the appropriate form available at the municipal offices or downloadable from the Municipality website by attaching the necessary documentation indicated in the application form.

The request is personal and can be accepted, only if duly completed by the individual taxpayer concerned, at the Services for the person of the Municipality of Bra (P.zza Caduti Libertà, 18) by 30 October

In the case of incomplete, late and / or lacking applications, the grant will not be awarded.

Applications registered after this deadline will be considered to have no effect.

info: City of Bra - Social Services

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