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A bit of history

The first nursery school in Bra was opened in 1936 by the National Motherhood and Childhood Work (ONMI) in the "Mother and Child House". In 1976, at the time of the dissolution of the ONMI, the responsibilities in the field of nurseries were transferred to the municipal administration, which underwent renovations of the premises and subsequently a training course that involved all the professionals active in the service. .

Since 1982 the nursery has been moved from piazza Valfrè to its current location in via Caduti del Lavoro 3 and is named after Cesara and Enrico Garbarino, local entrepreneurs.

In 2008 the Micronido in via Sartori was launched in partnership with the CN2 local health authority for 24 seats. In 2009, however, the Micronido was launched in via Vittorio Emanuele II for 17 seats with a timetable from 7: 30-13: 30. In 2010 the capacity of the Micronido in via Vittorio Emanuele II was extended to 24 seats and the opening hours were extended until 18pm. The management of the "Micronido" services in Via Senator Sartori n. 15 / b and Via Vittorio Emanuele II n. 7 is entrusted to an external company through an open tender.





The nursery school is an early childhood educational service, aimed at boys and girls from three months to three years old.
Unlike other services for children, the nursery service is not configured as a simple custody and play service in a safe environment, but as a service characterized by its own identity and a specific educational project, aimed at wellbeing and harmonic development of the child and its potential in all aspects: affective, cognitive, social.







These are the characteristics of the service provided by the Nursery in Bra (to find out more click on the title):


Staff (Day at the Nest)

  1. staff stability is guaranteed and therefore experience and continuity of educational figures;
  2. the activities are planned according to an educational project that is based on the principles of modern pedagogy, with a particular interest in the training of educators, who are constantly followed with supervision and professional updating meetings.



Male child (Rates / Payments / Times)

  1. we offer a complete and exhaustive service for every child's need, relieving the parent of additional burdens
  2. individual times and rhythms are respected in the perspective of a harmonious development of the personality and with a view to general well-being;
  3. balanced meals are guaranteed, with particular attention to the composition of the menus according to correct nutritional criteria;
  4. has entered the broader context of municipal services, from a network perspective



The micronus of Via Vittorio Emanuele


 The micronus of Via Senator Sartori

meeting rooms

  1. an adequate size is guaranteed for the external and internal environments and an adequate numerical ratio educator / children (Regional Law LR n. 3/1973), a factor that affects not only safety, but also the programming of the various activities;
  2. the environment is safe and designed in a targeted way: the subdivision of the rooms into thematic corners offers boys and girls different contexts, which stimulate individual potential, creativity and the formation of identity;
  3. there are green spaces, spacious, and appropriately equipped, which children can access throughout the year.


Network (Activities in support of parents)

  1. the return of women to work is facilitated, in a context of equal opportunities. (to this end, the municipal administration, to make the offer more flexible, has introduced diversified frequency modalities, providing reduced time schedules → Noah's Ark, Giocanido, 1,2,3..Nido, Ancoranido)
  2. working in partnership with families, not only as service users, but as a true educational resource in order to create a common and coherent educational line that can support parenting;
  3. attention is paid to continuity with the kindergarten, with meetings between parents of three-year-old children and visits to the kindergartens of the city;
  4. the culture of early childhood is promoted and supported, through continuous documentation and the sharing and dissemination of such documentation, for the use of other parents and the entire city community.


The kindergarten is therefore configured as an educational service of excellence. The thought-out organization of the various daily activities, combined with the professionalism of the educators and the respect of the environmental requirements described above, guarantees and protects the "well-being" of the child, the main objective and frame of every educational action.

It being understood that daily attendance at the nursery is the best and most complete opportunity for growth, the Municipal Administration has decided to facilitate families by introducing diversified forms of use of the service. This opportunity facilitates grandparents or parents who, for personal or work needs, need an adequate place in which to feel safe to entrust their children for a few hours, and provides boys and girls with the opportunity to approach the world of the nursery and begin to know it. and to live it.


Useful information: Rankings and waiting lists

                               Vaccination Obligations



Registration 2020/2021 municipal nest and microns: Attached at the bottom of this page is the registration form, to be sent, together with the identity document, to the email:




The activities of the "Cesara and Enrico Garbarino" nursery school are promoted, organized and managed by the Municipality of Bra, with the financial support of the Piedmont Region and the MIUR, as per the "national action plan" approved with Del. CM 11/12/2017.




seat: via Fallen 3 job
phone: (+ 39) 0172.412062
fax: (+ 39) 0172.44333
Manager: Fabio Smareglia


 The nursery pictures are taken by Tino Gerbaldo and given by the Mazzola family

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