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He hit two vehicles parked in Via Molineri, then move away without calling the police and leave their data but, after investigations and investigations, has been identified by the Municipal Police Braidese. It happened in Bra on Sunday morning, at the first light of dawn; in the morning one of the owners of the cars involved noticed that his Alfa Romeo 147, parked in parking, was badly damaged and immediately contacted the operations center of the Municipal Police of Bra to report the facts.

The Corps emergency response patrol arrived on the spot, ascertaining that, in addition to the caller's vehicle, even a Fiat Bravo had been damaged in the crash. The municipal police, after detecting the facts, collected some fragments allegedly belonging to the vehicle that had caused the accident and then fleeing. The agents, in collaboration with the Corps Road Accident Office, verified that it was a black-colored Volkswagen vehicle. A similar model was found in a body shop in the territory: comparing the details found, the correspondence with the accident was ascertained, followed by the visit of the twenty-year-old owner of the Golf, who was notified of the violation report in the event of an accident without injuries. Now it will be up to the insurers to compensate for the damages caused by the twenty-year-old. (Municipal Police of Bra)

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