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A hundred years after Italy's entry into the Great War, there are many initiatives planned for Bra in the coming days. Among the various initiatives, the original one was created by the civic library of the city of Zizzola which, for the occasion, digitized an entire volume, entitled "Bra to his beloved sons who fell for his country 1915-1918". The volume reports, with a brief biography, all the profiles of the fallen Braideians during the First World War and is available on the web page of the Civic Library or on Flickr profile of the Municipality of Bra.

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The Great War will also be devoted to various moments of the "Children's Book Fair", which in the 2015 edition will combine the themes of the centenary of the First World War with the memory of the 70th anniversary of the Liberation struggle. Moreover, the braidese protagonists of the First World War will be remembered in a series of events scheduled for Saturday, 23 May. In a long afternoon that will start at 16: 30 in viale Rimembranze, to continue with an exhibition at the civic museum of Palazzo Traversa and, in the evening, with the choirs starring in Piazza Caduti di Nassiryia, right in front of the "Salone del libro for boys ". (Rg)