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The Colonia Marina di Bra in Laigueglia will open regularly on Sunday 21 June, welcoming the first families, for a season that will last until 30 September.

Upon arrival in Cologne, each guest is required to adhere to the regulation - a sort of co-responsibility pact - with which he undertakes to comply with the rules laid down in the various areas: from social distancing to behavioral rules on the beach, from correct use of common areas with the possibility of accommodation and new arrangements. All you need to know to be able to live your holiday safely and enjoy the week of Laigueglia. The complete regulation was shared in the Municipal Commission Advising Member Assistance in the session of last June 10 and published on the Cologne website,

The external spaces of the Colony have been adapted to their best use, compatible with the current rules laid down by the Liguria Region. The structure was completely sanitized by a specialized company and was equipped with the necessary equipment and signs to facilitate travel. With the CIRFOOD company, rules have been defined for the safe management of spaces and meal times.

Project Emmaus, in the face of the 15% rate increase, is able to confirm all the discounts for 2019 for the employees of the partner companies for the departing season and the reductions to age groups already in force last year, including discounts for the brothers.
Another good news: the Municipality of Laigueglia has decided in recent days to suspend the expected tourist tax for the current year.

For reservations or information, call on weekdays from 15 to 18 at 329/9555874 or send an email to, consult the Facebook page of the Municipality of Bra or the website

We thank the Braidese municipal administration which, in the last month, has supported the Cooperativa Progetto Emmaus in a careful feasibility analysis which, supported by the opinion expressed by the Braidesi customers in the survey at the end of May, has allowed the opening of the Colony in a spirit of responsible collaboration for a safe holiday for everyone.

For information and registration:
Telephone: 329.9555874 (from 15 to 18)