In the context of a "family school alliance", fundamental to guaranteeing children and young people a quality educational and training project, the schools of Braida, with the Department of Education and the municipal council of families, propose the "Pedagogical September 2018" with two appointments for parents and teachers.

The first event is scheduled for Wednesday 5 September 2018 at 21 at the "Arpino" Auditorium with the screening of the film "A voix haute - The power of the word". The French feature film by Stéphane De Freitas, a national preview presented at Bra in collaboration with the Aiace association, offers many food for thought on public communication in the contemporary world, on the relationship between young people, the media and the word itself. Thursday 6, instead, in the conference room of the multifunctional "Arpino", will be held the conference of Professor Riziero Zucchi on the theme "Let's give humanity to new technologies ... Families and school in the times of the Internet". The university professor will be interviewed by Domenico Chiesa. At 20 there will be an aperitif for a convivial moment during which to continue developing and sharing the reflections raised by the proposed themes. Admission is free. For information 0172 438225 or 0172 438234. (it's at)

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