Bra, meetings in support of parenting To better understand their children, improve empathy, complicity, relationships, grow them safely and with greater self-esteem: these are some of the objectives of the "Security Circle - parenting" that starts on Tuesday 20 November 2018 at Bra.

To coordinate the activity is the developmental psychologist and trainer Silvia Spinelli and there are eight meetings scheduled for two hours each. The Circle of Security-Parenting is a psycho-educational (non-therapeutic) module: starting from the vision of a DVD-guide that shows simple everyday situations concerning the children, thematic ideas are developed for the subsequent discussion. Two working groups are organized, which will be held periodically at the nursery school, in two different time slots: from 17 to 19 or from 19 to 21. Participation is free but booking is mandatory by contacting the 0172 412062 or kindergarten

The 2018-2019 calendar of "Meetings in support of parenting" includes a subsequent appointment dedicated to the first pediatric emergency. The meeting, with a limited number, is the 22 November 2018, at the 20.30 at the multifunctional center "Arpino". Dr. Paolo Garbaccio and the First Aid nurse Francesca Maunero will explain to the participants some notions to manage "The emergencies of the first three years of life", focusing on the issues of child surveillance to prevent situations of risk and danger and on how to deal with small domestic and unexpected accidents. At the end of the meeting a practical exercise will be carried out on the disruption of the airways in pediatric age.
Thursday 29 November 2018, however, always at 20,30, new meeting entitled "Do not become great alone". The theme of the evening is: "To know the discoveries of neurosciences to get listening and collaboration from children and students". The workshop, curated by Silvia Spinelli, aims to sensitize parents and teachers towards a model of education and positive relationship with children, not based on reproach and conflict, but on authority and respect for the rules. The "Meetings in support of parenting" are part of the Project "Integrated System of Services for Early Childhood", promoted and funded by the CRC Foundation and addressed to the parents of children of the age 0-6 years "and implemented with the coordination of Asylum Nest. (it's at)

Info: City of Bra - Kindergarten
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