A new section is born in the civic library "Giovanni Arpino" in Bra, addressed to the "young adults", that is the readers in the age group between the 12 and the 20 years. The dedicated space inside the structure of via Guala 45, on the first floor.

In the "young adult" section, furnished following the suggestions of the youngsters themselves, the young readers find thousands of specific titles for their age group, including volumes of fiction, fantasy, best sellers, graphic novels and comics. In the coming months, in parallel with the creation of the new space, initiatives related to the world of literature will be activated, through meetings with authors, creation of reading groups and creative projects, to discover, share and grow the passion for books, in a entertaining and aggregative context.
For more information, contact the Civic Library at the 0172.413049 number or at the email address: biblioteca@comune.bra.cn.it. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Civic Library "Giovanni Arpino"
Tel. 0172.413049- biblioteca@comune.bra.cn.it