The targeted services carried out by the Municipal Police Command of Bra continue to prevent and suppress the most frequent violations of the Highway Code, in particular drunk driving, circulation with uninsured and unrevised vehicles, speeding, the use of the mobile phone while driving, the omitted use of safety belts and child restraint devices and the regulations concerning the circulation of vehicles registered abroad and conducted by residents in Italy: precisely with respect to this legislation, the other night a municipal police patrol checked a Volkswagen Touareg registered abroad but led by a person resident in Italy for some time. From the checks carried out on the vehicle it emerged that the Toaureg, although re-registered abroad, was still registered in Italy and the radiation was not made for final export. In addition, the agents ascertained that on the vehicle (with Italian license plate) a provision of attachment was pending that the owners, perhaps, believed they could evade through re-registration abroad. The vehicle was thus subjected to administrative detention and the foreign number plates were removed and transmitted to the Cuneo Motorization. The driver was then the driver's license because he had failed to convert it into the respective Italian driving document within two years of acquiring the residence. Still in the field of controls, another vehicle, a Hyundai, was subjected to administrative detention as it was a surprise in circulation although already subjected, in February 2018, to the provision of suspension from circulation due to omitted revision. Two are instead the cars subjected to administrative seizure due to lack of insurance, a Honda Accord and a Mini Cooper, both without insurance for about 4 months. In particular, the driver of the Mini Cooper, at the time of the inspection, exhibited an apparently regular insurance coupon but from the checks carried out by the insurance agency, it emerged that there was no policy for that vehicle. The agents, in addition to having seized the vehicle, also acquired the complaint - a lawsuit filed by the car owner for the crime of fraud, an aspect on which specific investigations by the municipal police began. (Municipal Police Bra)

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