In the last few days some reports have come to the Command of the Municipal Police of Bra about the presence in the city of individuals who wander among the houses and, pretending to be municipal technicians, public services (water and gas), law enforcement personnel or simply by giving themselves fancy names, they try to steal the trust of citizens in order to access homes to presumably commit fraud and theft. The municipal police of Bra also invites to pay maximum attention to those who say they are in charge of asking for money on behalf of voluntary associations, often non-existent. In some cases, the subjects have also boasted of having to support expensive medical care, even in this case asking for money. All citizens are advised to pay the utmost attention and not to let any suspicious persons enter their homes and immediately alert the 112 emergency number or the operations center of the Municipal Police of Bra at 0172 413744 (key 1 - emergency service).

Friday night checks
Meanwhile, extraordinary checks will also continue this evening by the patrols of the Municipal Police of Bra on the occasion of the "Aperitivo in Consolle" event. The agents will provide, as already done in recent weeks, with urban security checks and to verify compliance with the administrative police permits granted to the participating public businesses, respect for the discipline of glass. On Friday, municipal police officers identified 5 subjects intent on urinating on the public highway: they were fined under the Municipal Urban Hygiene Regulation. (Municipal Police Bra)

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