28 June 2019 is scheduled for Friday, in the conference room of the "Arpino" multipurpose center in Bra (Largo Resistenza) "This is not the end", the final event of the "Display" territorial project to combat dependencies on new technologies , especially among the younger generations.

Starting from the 17, Valentino Merlo of Asl Cn2 and Giuseppe Masengo of the Ro & Ro Cooperative will present the experience through data, numbers and activities. This will be followed by the institutional interventions of the City of Bra (lead organization), the CRC Foundation (which sponsored the project in the context of the prevention and health promotion call) and the Asl Cn2 and Città di Alba partners. Simona Ferrari and Sara LoJacono of Cremit - Research Center on Media Education in Innovation and Technology will present research on media consumption and future prospects, while Eleonora Tosco from Dors - Regional Center for documentation for health promotion will talk about evaluation plan of the immersive experience. In conclusion, a round table on the theme "Display between services, school and family", coordinated by Camen Occhetto of the ASL Cn2.

The "Display" project over two years involved more than 2000 boys from 108 primary and lower secondary school classes who visited the Multimedia Visitor Center set up at the Steadycam center in Alba, as well as about 600 parents and 250 teachers .

Participation in the "This is not the end" event is free. More information on the 0173.316210 or 0172.438234. (Em)

Info: Bra City - Personal Services
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