Cheese, the largest international event dedicated to raw milk and dairy cheeses, returns to Bra from the 20 to the 23 in September 2019 with an even more ambitious challenge: to prove, cheese in hand, that it is Natural! Organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra and now in its twelfth edition, after the historic battles on raw milk and cheeses made with milk (not powdered), Cheese raises the bar by bringing all the best of dairy production to the Piedmontese town “ good, clean and fair ”.

Here is some anticipation, waiting for the complete program, online at starting from 26 June!

Crucial theme for the future of food, Natural is possible, ideally constitutes a stage of the journey that, starting from raw milk, arrives at natural cheeses, or without "sachets" (bacteria selected in the laboratory and reproduced industrially by very few multinationals) to demonstrate that the caci produced without synthetic ferments are richer in biodiversity, authentic expression of the territories of origin.

But the discourse on the natural is not only valid for the cheese: it represents a wider challenge, which regards cold cuts, breads and wines, to which Cheese dedicates not only spaces of the event, but also moments of reflection and debate in the scheduled Conferences and meetings in-depth with experts and producers. In the four days of Cheese, the streets and squares of the center of Bra return to be the perfect stage where shepherds, cheesemakers, cheesemakers and refiners tell, through their products, production methods that focus on the quality of the raw materials, the animal welfare, landscape protection.
There are hundreds of them coming from Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain, but also from Slovenia, Austria and the United States just to name a few. We find them in the large Mercato dei Formaggi and in the Via degli Affinatori, among the stalls of international exhibitors and in the Via dei Presìdi Slow Food with many confirmations and news to be discovered. Not to be missed is the Gran Sala dei Formaggi and the Enoteca where you can combine a good glass of wine with dozens of cheeses (and also cold cuts) this year with natural and raw milk. Those who want to rediscover the pleasure of learning more and more are dedicated the Taste Workshops (in Bra and Pollenzo, a few kilometers from Bra, at the Wine Bank), with cheeses paired with breads, wines and beers, but also gin and chocolate, and the Slow Food educational courses designed for children and adults, for visitors and school students. While for those who want to end the day in style, nothing better than a Table Appointment, dinners hosted in the halls of the fascinating Pollenzo Agency, with Italian and international chefs and their personal interpretation of the territory and biodiversity through all forms some milk.

As always, the event is colored by the regional interpretations proposed by the Street Kitchens and by the original preparations of the Food Trucks, all enriched by the Piazza della Birra, expression of the best Italian brewing experimentation and more.

And finally, even for the 2019 the Cheese formula does not change: access to the event is free. For the complete program, we look forward to seeing you on from 26 June and from 20 to 23 September in Bra. The official presentation of the event program will be on Wednesday 26 June at 18 at the Politeama di Bra. More info also on