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The two final events of "Latent Talents" are scheduled for Friday 27 September 2019 in Alba and Bra, an innovative project for a new model of community welfare which, from 2016 to today, has put online, in the territory of Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero, private companies, third sector and public bodies, united in proposing training and information courses for employees of member companies, their families and citizenship in areas such as support for parenthood, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and assets, work-time balance and family budget management and household activities.

The final conference

Friday 27 September 2019, at 14 pm in the “Mons. Natale Bussi ”of the Episcopal Seminary of Alba (piazza Vittorio Veneto 1), the conference will take place which, through the testimonies of prominent speakers and guests, will present the fruit of the three years of work of“ Latent Talents ”. After the greetings of the mayors of Alba Carlo Bo and of Bra Gianni Fogliato, the president of the CRC Foundation Giandomenico Genta and the general manager of the ASL Cn2 Alba-Bra Massimo Veglio, the conference will begin with the speeches "Latent Talents: a planning projected towards the future "(Giuliana Chiesa, Asl Cn2, project coordinator)," What has been achieved "(Salvatore Rao, president of" La Bottega del Possibile "and Rosa Badagliacca, University of Turin)," Corporate welfare: a reality on the way "(Egle Sebaste, Sebaste spa)," The exit from our traditional areas has triggered positive changes "(Marco Bertoluzzo, director of the consortium" Alba-Langhe-Roero), "The programmatic lines of the Region in support of welfare company "(Chiara Caucino, regional councilor for Welfare and Children) and" Is integration between public and corporate welfare possible? " (Elisabetta Notarnicola, Cergas Sda Bocconi). The afternoon of studies "A network in dialogue: public, private social and private profit" closes, a discussion between the president of the Emmaus social cooperative Alberto Bianco, the head of human resources Dimar Spa Clara Rocca, the director of Asl Cn2 Alba-Bra Roberto Find and the manager of Human Services of the Municipality of Bra Fabio Smareglia, moderated by the journalist of “La Stampa” Roberto Fiori.

The show "Olivetti Camillo: at the roots of a dream"

The day dedicated to the "Latent Talents" project will continue at 21 pm at the Politeama Boglione Theater in Bra (piazza Carlo Alberto), where the show "Olivetti Camillo: at the roots of a dream", interpreted by Laura Curino, will be staged, directed by Gabriele Vacis and created by the Muse cultural association in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile di Torino Foundation.

It is the story of Camillo Olivetti, the pioneer, the inventor, the capricious and brilliant nonconformist who founded, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the first Italian typewriter factory. With the help of biographies, interviews, literary texts, his life, the figures that revolve around him, the environment and businesses have been reconstructed.

The narrative voices - entrusted to the extraordinary Laura Curino, one of the major interpreters of narrative theater - are those of two fundamental characters in its history: the mother, Elvira Sacerdoti, and his wife, Luisa Revel. These two women, both from a minority culture (the first Jewish, the second Waldensian) were the silent protagonists of the formation and realization of the Olivettian dream. It is the epic tale of an exciting adventure, full of twists and turns, of trials to overcome, of struggles, of loves, of heroes. The most extraordinary thing is that it is… all true.

Free admission while seats last.

"Latent Talents" in summary

The project, the result of the collaboration and synergy between Public and Private Social Bodies, ASLCN2, Management Bodies of Alba and Bra and the Social Cooperation of the territory, proposed a calendar of info-training events focused in particular on the issues of parenting, healthy lifestyles, financial education and psychophysical well-being. From October 2016 until May of this year, 50 events were proposed in the Alba-Bra area, attended by over a thousand people. Among the initiatives of the project, there is also the creation of a Welfare Point in the Alba and Bra offices, a qualified space dedicated to citizens in which to receive, in a quick and simplified way, information regarding social and social health benefits.

Credits and information

"Latent Talents: network for community welfare" is a project that sees the Municipality of Bra - Associated Management of Social and Welfare Services as the leader, it was funded entirely by the CRC Foundation as part of the "Cantiere Nuovo Welfare" call and carried out in collaboration with the Alba-Langhe-Roero Social Welfare Consortium and the CN2 ASL, the social cooperatives of the Alba-Bra area and the companies Dimar Spa, Sebaste Spa, Slow Food and the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

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